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​Auto Collision Equipment, Inc

Spanesi dedicates constant energy to Research & Development and continually strives on a number of issues.

Firstly, product design is entrusted to an internal team of technicians and professionals.  Recent investments in robots and avant-garde technologies immediately transform new ideas into tangible solutions inspired by suggestions from people who work in body shops everyday.

Secondly, Spanesi works as an authentic consultant who provides complete body shop lay-outs drafted to measure for the bodyshop in question. This is carried out by a highly dedicated team of technical designers to help the clients’ business run more efficient, competitive and comfortable.

Last but not least, Spanesi pays close attention to the constant improvement in vehicle build quality and technology by the manufacturers. Each and every model is immediately examined in order to ascertain the standard of equipment required meets the repair methods for all types of damage.

Orazio Spanesi

​My name is Steve Smith, and I have been supplying autobody repair equipment to the collision industry for more than 3 decades. I went to the factory in Italy, and tested this equipment and spent time with the inventor of this great product. I was highly impressed with the modern facility and the size of the operation. Orazio Spanesi is dedicated to continue with constant research and development for new products.

My company is Auto Collision Equipment Inc., we are the distributors for the Southeast United States. We can supply the whole facility with our product line. We also have a very nicely equipped training center with classroom, and climate controlled atmosphere. 


It makes no difference where you start: if you want to go far, you need a dream in whichyou can believe with all your might.

Orazio Spanesi is the proof.

Raised with an innate vocation for cars and mechanics, in 1969, Orazio Spanesi’s first dream came true when he opened a body shop in a small town in the province of Padova.

Driven by his thirst to learn everything there was to know about the sector, he began travelling, first around Italy, then around the world. This was how he came to realize the inadequacy of the repair systems in use at the time, which were too slow and too complicated.

In 1989, he decided to set up his own company in which he sought the involvement of his family.

Thanks to a series of brilliant technical hunches, in just a few years he succeeded in developing a range of products that included the Spanesi universal jig and the totem lift that revolutionized the market and brought the brand success.

Spanesi today is a leading producer at international level, but its defining spirit is still that of its founding father in constant pursuit of the most effective solutions to help body technicians perform repairs to a standard you could call an art.

Steve Smith

There’s always something that needs improving.
Technicians know this well, because every car poses a different challenge to be faced with different tools.